27 April 2013

Veritas CCXCVI

Today's Truth:  In one hour I made a cute electronics tote from my daughter's outgrown jeans.  It holds my laptop, Kindle and cell phone, along with all the chargers, cables and wireless mouse.  Love it!

These were wide-leg jeans with back pockets 
big enough to hold my Kindle Fire.  

Here is how I did it:

First, I measured how long the tote would have to be 
to fit my laptop and cut off the legs about an inch 
below that to allow for the seams.

I cut the seams from the inside of the pant legs 
and pinned the seams together.

Next, I marked the new seam as an extension 
of the top, so the seam would be straight:


Then I sewed the seams, first with a straight stitch then a 
zig zag to enforce it (can't have my laptop falling out!).


Next, I folded the sides and sewed across it, 
creating some width to the bottom of the bag:

Here is what it looks like so far:

Now, for the straps. I cut the bottom hems off the jeans and removed one of them seams to create a long, wide strap.  

I sewed the straps on and -viola!  DONE!

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