27 March 2009

Veritas XXIII

Today's truth: Life without the internet SUCKS.

09 March 2009

Veritas XXII

Today's Truth: A rodeo is fun unless:

a) you loathe country music
b) you are there with a first grade class field trip
c) all of the above

Answer: "c"

05 March 2009

Veritas XXI

Today's Truth: When a child says "one more time?" they REALLY mean, "one more time" before the next "one more time", before the next ...

04 March 2009

Veritas XX

Today's Truth: Constructive criticism is welcomed by those who want to improve themselves and not by those who think they are already perfect.

Corollary: I consider myself to be in the first group.

03 March 2009

Veritas XIX

Today's Truth: Waiting for an attorney to call you back is like waiting for paint to dry; you might as well find something else to do in the meantime!

02 March 2009

Veritas XVIII

Today's Truth: Reese's Puffs are very entertaining. and yummy too. (according to a seven year old)

01 March 2009

Veritas XVII

Today's Truth: The Road to Success is always under construction.