28 February 2009

Veritas XVI

Today's Truth: A Daily Blog Post is ... Impossible. But I had a run going for a while, didn't I?

25 February 2009

Veritas XV

Today's Truth: You miss your hometown even if you hated it when you lived there.

24 February 2009

Veritas XIV

Today's Truth: Just when you decide to change your mind and agree with someone, they will have changed their mind too.

23 February 2009

Veritas XIII

Today's Truth: You can't reason with an unreasonable person.

22 February 2009

Veritas XII

Today's Truth: If you sit and hold your child quietly, you can hear her happiness.

21 February 2009

Veritas XI

A little caffeine goes a long way.

20 February 2009

Veritas X

Today's Truth: If you smile at someone,
90% of the time they will smile back at you.

19 February 2009

Veritas IX

Today's Truth: Children can be sneaky little creatures. If they are too quiet, they are probably up to something. Even if they are supposed to be asleep! Best to check up on them frequently. Trust me on this.

18 February 2009

Veritas VIII

Today's Truth: Depression can rob you of all rational thought.

17 February 2009

Veritas VII

Today's Truth: A clean house is a sign of an empty mind.

Corollary: Clutter is a natural phenomena.

16 February 2009

Veritas VI

It's the little things that give me the biggest smiles.

15 February 2009

Veritas V

Today's truth: It is difficult to listen to the voice of God if you are talking.

14 February 2009

Veritas IV

Today's Truth: No good deed goes unpunished.

Today's Profound Truth: The same goes for good intentions.

13 February 2009

Veritas III

today's truth: the faster you ask your child to move in the morning, the slower they go. this is in direct contrast to when they WANT to move fast and you want them to slow down before they injure themselves.

12 February 2009

Veritas II

today's truth: your life is what you get stuck with and you can't get out of it alive.

today's profound truth: our school administration does NOT respect it's PTO.

11 February 2009

Veritas I

I was never free. I may never be free. But I will tell the truth.

Veritas vos liberabit

Veritas vos liberabit. The truth will set you free. It's worth a try.