20 September 2011

Veritas CXCI

Today's Truth:  How to Grow Herbs


Plants herbs in a sunny spot in quick-draining soil.


Place in a sunny window.  Water just enough to keep plants from wilting.  Using potting soil mixed with perlite (5:1 ratio if you mix it yourself) to allow enough drainage.

Pick your herbs only as you use them, so they are the freshest possible!

13 September 2011

Veritas CXC

Today's Truth:  If a parent tells his child he is going to do something, he should follow through.  If he cannot, he should explain why.  It's called common courtesy, and children deserve it too.

11 September 2011


Today's Truth:  None of us are perfect.  Mistakes get made, but decisions can be changed. What cannot be changed are the words we use toward one another - once they are spoken, you can't change them. Once you publish them, they are out there forever for the world to view. 
~ me

10 September 2011


Today's Truth:  My girl is progressing so well in her horseback riding lessons that she will have the reins sooner than most.  According to the instructor, she is a "natural".