27 February 2011

Veritas CXVIII

Today's Truth:  I didn't realize how much my child didn't like living in Arizona until we moved away.  The difference is amazing - she skips out of the school with a smile on her face and tells me often how she loves it here.  It so obvious that she is happier!  The only thing she misses is her sister, whom I miss also.  Added bonus:  I like it better here too.

25 February 2011

Veritas CXVII

Today's Truth:  Prayers going out to all affected by the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ.  This is the hometown of my beautiful sister-in-law, Kay.  Thank God her family is safe, but others are not as fortunate.

23 February 2011

Veritas CXVI

Today's Truth:  Legal advice is a generic term that covers the need for knowledge on legal matters. It entails using knowledge of the law to determine courses of legal action for those seeking such advice. In essence, telling another person what legal path they should take or even assisting them in drawing up legal documents. If legal advice is dispensed without the necessary attorney's license, it counts as the crime of unauthorized practice of law and is a criminal offense.  

21 February 2011

Veritas CXV

Today's Truth:  There are two things I refuse to get into a debate on:  politics and religion.

Veritas CXIV

Today's Truth:  Undeniably, my favorite author is Hermann Hesse.  I'd love to own a copy of each of his writings. 

18 February 2011

Veritas CXIII

Today's Truth:  "A Crack in the Edge of the World" by Simon Winchester - great book, full of interesting facts about earthquake activity in the Americas.  I can still remember feeling my first tremor in San Francisco, circa 1976.  I thought it was thunder until the crib started walking across the floor ... ;)

17 February 2011

Veritas CXII

Today's Truth:  Groupe Bel has overtaken Estrella Damm to move into 3rd place at the 1500h update. Neutrogena also is now 16 miles ahead of Mirabaud in 6th place. 

16 February 2011

Veritas CXI

Today's Truth:  To clean brass and copper, make a paste of a few tablespoons of white vinegar with equal parts salt and flour. Gently rub with a soft cloth, rinse, and dry.  It really works!

Veritas CX

Today's Truth:  Children who love their school and love to read will be successful in their studies.  My girl loves both, and is doing very well in her new school.  She is so much happier here and that is all that matters!

14 February 2011

Veritas CIX

Today's Truth:  Valentine's Day is fun for children!

12 February 2011

Veritas CVIII

Today's Truth:  Virbac Paprec 3 is still in quite unpleasant, tough conditions ahead of the front with NW’ly winds which will increase during the afternoon

11 February 2011

Veritas CVII

Today's Truth:  At the moment the leaders, Virbac Paprec 3 and then MAPFRE and Estrella Damn are, or will be riding a low pressure east out of the Indian and into the Pacific. In time they will drop off that low with a fairly short, straightforward transition to the next low. This second low is tracking a little further south and so allows the high pressure in to the Tasman. Initially it sets up to the east of Australia. Overall this still seems to set a fairly simple course all the way to the entrance to the Cook Straits for Virbac Paprec 3.

08 February 2011

Veritas CVI

Today's Truth:  the best part of a trip is coming home.

05 February 2011

Veritas CV

Today's Truth:  Back on the race course this evening after the technical stop to repair their keel ram hydraulics: Central Lechera Asturiana!