31 August 2011


Today's Truth:  The girls make me smile when they Skype - so much laughter and silliness!

29 August 2011


Today's Truth:  My [almost] 10-year-old is very intuitive; she knows rude when she hears it.  Even when it's the click of a hang-up.

17 August 2011

Veritas CLXXXV

Today's Truth:  Not being perfect (indeed, far from it!), it is not for me to judge another.  That being said, perhaps we should judge ourselves and if we find something lacking, have the courage to fix it.

15 August 2011


Today's Truth:  I love my job!  I do not love ironing clothes to wear to it.


Today's Truth:  I love my family, but sometimes they can be so unreasonable!  Try thinking of your children for once and not your petty animosity!  

10 August 2011


Today's Truth:  Lou Holtz and Rudy Guiliani - who'd have thought they were funny?  Steve Forbes, however, is as dry as expected.

09 August 2011

Veritas CLXXXI

Today's Truth:  My child is a natural at horseback riding.

06 August 2011

Veritas CLXXX

Today's Truth:  The world gets stranger yet:  I have an automated email response for my child's email account indicating email is not read every day so that people will not think they are being ignored.  Now I am accused of waiting 10 hours after every email just to send out a fake auto-response.  How crazy would that be?  I think I have more important things to do with my life.  I have no control over when they are sent, I just set it up to send every time.  Now I am starting to understand how conspiracy theorists get started ...

05 August 2011

Veritas CLXXIX

Today's Truth:  Myrtle Beach is not that great.  Unless you are young and financially independent.  The girl liked it though, and that's what counts!