11 April 2011

Veritas CXL

Today's Truth:  For Dee Caffari (GBR) and Anna Corbella (ESP) the remaining 220 miles to Barcelona are all that stand in their way before both chalk up another record in their respective careers and the second edition of the Barcelona World Race.

When Dee Caffari arrives in Barcelona this will be the fourth time she has successfully sailed around the globe – twice against the prevailing winds and currents, twice solo, three times non-stop, and once doublehanded – the only female sailor to have done so. Meanwhile for Anna Corbella, the local homecoming reception is expected to be especially welcoming, as she will become the first Spanish woman to have ever sailed around the world non-stop.

For GAES Centros Auditivos, currently around 25 miles off Alicante, it looks like a relatively strong northerly and north-westerly Mediterranean outflow will create upwind conditions for the last section of their race between Cartagena and Barcelona. With an easterly Levant breeze in the Alboran Sea, and north-westerly Tramontana breeze from the Gulf of Lyons, things could get very light for the sixth-placed duo as they cross the Gulf of Valencia around the latitude of Ibiza, although they may be able to pick up some extra breeze from the Ebro valley, as Neutrogena did, to reach along the coastline. Given the localized conditions, their ETA could yet vary from Tuesday evening through to mid-Wednesday.